Zoom Express Laundry

East Lansing, MICHIGAN
Opening September 2019!

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Zoom Express Laundry is the most versatile laundry service in the East Lansing Area. Our laundry machines and entire facility are able to be managed remotely and are fully staffed 16 hours a day. This gives us the ability to meet the demands of all our customers by providing a range of services, putting us head and shoulders above the competition.

Going Mobile

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Cash and cashless options are available for online wallet reloading with the Huebsch app.

Advanced tracking capabilities allow you to view account balances, transaction histories, payment methods and rewards points.

Customers can view the status of their current cycle in the app and get notified when their laundry is done.

Our laundry app is available for all smartphones running iOS or Android.


“Now that Zoom picks up my laundry, cleans my laundry, and delivers my folded laundry back to my door I can’t believe I ever did my own laundry.”

John Doe, Happy Customer

East Lansing Location

One Stop Laundry Shop Near You

Zoom Express Laundry has recently opened a location here in East Lansing, Michigan, where we will continue to hold our facilities and superior laundry services to a higher standard. Our East Lansing location is open 24 hours a day and is staffed 16 hours to ensure customer safety and clean clothes around the clock. 

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East Lansing Location

3050 East Lake Lansing Road,

Unit 1A. Lansing MI