Modern Laundromats Powered by Huebsch®

Have you ever wondered why people spend so much time at the typical local laundromat? It all starts with the old, inefficient machines that these establishments use to cut costs. It’s an outdated business model. At Zoom Express Laundry, we believe that type of customer service is unacceptable and shortsighted. With today’s technological advancements, washing machines and dryers are faster, more energy-efficient, easier to use, and more affordable than ever before! Better equipment means greater customer satisfaction, repeat visitors, increased profit margins, and better publicity. Word travels fast.

At Zoom, we offer modern laundromat technology that benefits both customers and franchise owners alike. With the amazing Huebsch® app, customers can pay for their laundry with just a few taps on their phone. This technology also provides an edge to business owners, who can monitor location activity, track business growth, and order repairs without ever stepping foot in the building.

If you’re looking to invest in a tried-and-true industry with all the latest advancements, learn more about the technology that serves as the backbone of a Zoom Express Laundry franchise.

Leading Huebsch®Technology 

The laundry industry has been stuck in the spin cycle for years with limited washing options, energy-sucking dryers, and the endless couch-cushion search for loose quarters. At Zoom Express Laundry, our franchisees are using leading technology from Huebsch® to take the stress out of laundry day and make it easier for owners to take control of their business.

Starting with smarter washes, the Huebsch® Washer installed at every Zoom Express Laundry ensures that each load of clothes gets the exact wash it needs with customizable load options. Need to turn up the temps for a deep clean on your towels? Want to run a quick load setting to get laundry done on lunch break? Have a big comforter that doesn’t fit in your wash at home? The smart washers at Zoom Express Laundry give customers a variety of settings so they can choose and pay only for what they need.  

The Huebsch® Dryer also plays a big role in customer satisfaction. Instead of waiting hours for an inconsistent, inefficient dry, customers will rejoice in drying their clothes in nearly the same amount of time it took to wash them. Averaging at about 24-minutes per load, the smart dryers work efficiently to toss and fluff clothes while still providing an evenly dried result.

Business owners love the smart technology that is built into every machine. Not only do the washers and dryers operate more energy-efficiently and conserve more water than the older commercial models, but the Huebsch app also monitors how people are using the machines as well as their overall condition. By connecting to your smart devices, franchisees are always alerted when something needs attention.

Maximize Cost Savings with Huebsch Technology

Zoom Express Laundry has chosen Huebsch® technologies for its equipment needs because of the company’s longstanding commitment to providing long-lasting, efficient, and effective machines at affordable costs. Their latest devices are connected to a smart system, which monitors water usage and notifies you if there are any leaks, inconsistencies, or if people are opting for too much water in their washes.

Our smart washers use a minimal amount of water for a maximum clean, which is just as good for your budget as it is for the planet. And, with the ability to set multi-tier pricing, customers will also have an incentive to keep their usage low or to foot the bill when they need more. Owners can also adjust pricing based on the time of day, peaking prices during rush hours, and lowering them when business lulls to attract more customers.

Mobile Laundry Apps for Franchisees and Customers

The biggest draw of Zoom’s machines over traditional coin-operated commercial washers is the Huebsch mobile app. Customers can ditch the quarters and make virtual payments by reloading their app with sufficient funds. Another bonus of the app is that customers can monitor and manage their running loads from the phone, letting them step out for a quick errand or two while their last load completes the dry cycle.

The mobile app helps you and your staff work more efficiently, too. Advanced software gives owners the power to directly market to customers, conduct sales, track orders, and keep track of customer relationships. Authorized users can also gather quick data on machine use patterns, energy costs, profits made, and more without having to analyze records later manually.

Open a Zoom Express Laundry Today

If you want to help others step into the modern-day way of laundry while making a simple, passive stream of income, consider opening and owning a Zoom Express Laundry franchise. Contact us today to learn more about our technology platform and how else we are revolutionizing the laundromat experience.