Tips for Washing Your Clothes in a Laundromat

First time in a laundromat? Here are some tips for washing your clothes in a laundromat to make your experience simple and convenient. 

Sort in Advance
The convenience of a laundromat is the ability to get in and out quickly. Particularly, washing your clothes in a laundromat goes a little faster when you sort your clothes at home. Washing machines can only hold soo many clothes at a time. Therefore, separate your laundry loads into manageable amounts. This also tells you how many machines you’ll need to use when you get there. Additionally,  separate your colors from your whites before you arrive. You won’t have to waste time figuring out your delicates or which rinse cycle to use if you sort out your clothes ahead of time. 

Check the Settings
Check the settings on the washer and dryer before putting clothes in. For example, the person who used the machine before you washed their clothes with cold water and you need warm. Making sure to wash with the right settings prevents your clothes from shrinking or getting damaged. 

Remove Stains Beforehand
Spend time scrubbing out stains in the comfort of your home instead of working to remove them in the laundromat. This will also reduce the number of items you have to bring with you. You’re already lugging in your laundry, detergent and dryer sheets. Therefore, leave the stain remover at home.

Stick with Your Clothes
Unless you’re taking advantage of wash, dry and fold services, never leave your clothes unattended. This prevents theft or people moving your laundry to use the machines.  Zoom Express Laundry offers free Wi-Fi so you stay entertained and connected while your laundry runs. 

Washing your clothes in a laundromat doesn’t have to be hard. Zoom Express Laundry offers you a clean, bright, safe and comfortable spot to get your laundry done. Find one near you!