Commercial Laundry Machines Maintenance Tips

Like any other machine, commercial laundry machines require maintenance and care or risk breaking down. Machines that aren’t looked after make for a poor investment. Furthermore, maintaining your machines is important both financially and from a business standpoint. Here are some maintenance tips for commercial laundry machines.

Follow the Manual
This might seem obvious but many laundromat owners skip this step. Your commercial laundry machine comes with a manual and has a maintenance section. There you’ll find information on keeping your machine clean and performing routine inspections. Furthermore, routinely inspecting your machines helps ensure you catch problems before they become worse and more expensive. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your machines and what they need to stay running. 

Keep the Outside Clean
Maintenance on the outside of the machine is just as important as the inside. Cleaning improves the overall quality of your laundromat and helps prevent gunk and debris from getting inside the machine and causing damage. Additionally, regularly cleaning the machines prevents soap and laundry detergent from breaking down and damaging the equipment. 

Check and Clean Equipment Parts
Commercial laundry machines have many parts required to keep them working smoothly. Take steps to clean and maintain them. First, clean the soap dispensers to prevent them from clogging and needing to be replaced. Additionally, water filter inlet screens become blocked by particles and prevent proper water flow. Therefore, clean and replace them regularly. Make sure you’re checking inlet and outlet hoses regularly. Sediment builds up and they sprout leaks. Furthermore, inspecting and changing the hoses helps keep your water bill down. Also, check the belts from the motor to the drum on machines for fraying or splitting. As a general rule, replace them about twice a year. Don’t forget to clean the lint filters. Excess lint buildup leads to potential fires and overheating.

Follow a Preventative Maintenance Program
Have a proactive preventative maintenance program in place for tracking problems and fixing them before they become expensive. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Follow these maintenance tips for commercial laundry tips to reduce expenses for repairs and downtime due to broken machines. At Zoom Express Laundry, all of our franchises have modern, high-quality machines. We make franchising easy! Contact us today to get started!