Mistakes to Avoid When Opening a Laundromat

Looking to open a laundry franchise? Make sure you’re prepared for the investment. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when opening a laundromat. 

Not Doing Thorough Research and Planning
A lot of work goes into starting any kind of business. When opening a laundromat, here are some things you should consider doing:

  • Analyzing the location of the laundromat and considering key demographics, competitors and regulations in the area
  • Creating a business plan including finances, marketing initiatives and future growth opportunities
  • Conducting an analysis of the building and equipment to make sure it’s efficient and fits your needs

The more research and planning that’s done in the beginning, the better prepared you are to run your business.

Forgetting About the Competition
If you’re opening a laundromat, you’re competing with other laundromats, dry cleaning businesses and even laundry rooms in apartments and dorm buildings. To be successful, think about where you fit in the market. What sets you apart from anywhere else? Track what your competition is doing and market your services to offer the best laundry experience to your customers.

Missing Out on Marketing
The buzz about a new business wears off quickly as soon as another one announces they’re opening their doors. That’s why you need a strong marketing strategy when opening a laundromat. Find out which marketing initiatives work best for you based on your target audience and unique selling point. Additionally, with more than 81% of Americans owning a smartphone and more than 63,000 Google searches per second, online marketing is usually a smart investment for new business owners.

If you’re considering opening a laundromat, Zoom Express Laundry is here to help. With our state-of-the-art laundry equipment and business support from our Huebsch app, you’ll be certain we’re with you every step of the way. Contact us to open your laundry franchise today!