Opening a Laundromat: Tips to Get Started

Laundromats are not a new business venture. That is to say, people always need clean clothes. However, they might not have a washer and dryer available in their own home. As a result, the way laundromats are run and operated has changed. Self-serve laundry services are a great investment for business-minded people looking to own a franchise. Here are some tips for opening a laundromat.

Invest in Dependable Equipment
Self-serve laundromats must supply reliable and convenient washers and dryers for people to use. Not only does Zoom Express Laundry provide televisions and Wi-Fi, but we also have modern machines with the latest technology. Above all, make sure your equipment provides customers with a clean they’ll be happy with. 

Location, Location, Location
If you’re opening a laundromat, consider the location you place it. That is to say, location plays an important role in how well your business performs. Generally speaking, areas near apartments, dorms and in busy shopping centers drive a profit. Additionally, consider key demographics such as age when choosing a location. Zoom Express Laundry is expanding-search for a location near you!

Offer Additional Amenities
The ability to do laundry quickly and conveniently is the main reason people use laundromats. However, top-performing businesses offer people even more. For example, some laundromats offer vending machines filled with laundry detergent and snacks to keep customers happy. Ultimately, good experiences keep people coming back. Doing laundry in a clean and comfortable environment with charging stations and space for kids to play is one of the reasons people love our laundromats!

Owning a laundromat franchise can be a profitable and worthwhile business. Want to learn more about opening a laundromat? Get in touch with us about becoming a franchise owner. We offer innovative equipment and support, making running a business easier than ever. For the best laundry experience, choose Zoom Express Laundry!