Helpful Tips for Washing Swimsuits

Summer’s the time for swimming and outdoor water adventures, activities that require swimsuits. Swimsuits are expensive and they often get a lot of use during the summer months. Not washing swimsuits properly can damage them, fade their color, stretch them or cause them to fall apart. Some might even develop a smell. This is a problem because you want your suit to last the entire season. Taking the proper precautions, keeps your swimsuit looking brand new. Here are some tips for washing swimsuits and maintaining their wear throughout the season.

What to do After Wearing Your Swimsuit
Wash your swimsuit after every time you wear it. Keep in mind this means even if you’re just sunbathing. The reason your swimsuit is washed after each wear is that harmful substances such as chlorine, sunscreen and sweat harm your swimsuit’s fabrics. The quicker these stains and substances are removed, the easier it will be to maintain your suit. If you can’t wash it immediately, at least rinse it off in the shower or soak it in a tub or sink.

How to Wash Your Swimsuits
The best method for washing swimsuits is washing them by hand. Wash swimwear with gentle wash detergent in cool water. This takes a little more work than tossing it into a washing machine but it’s much better for your swimsuit.

How to Dry Your Swimsuits
After your suit is washed, it has to be properly and thoroughly dried. Drying swimsuits is extremely important because if the proper steps aren’t taken, it results in a swimsuit with a mildew smell. Avoid putting your suit in the dryer because the heat causes the spandex and lycra to break down. Additionally, heat affects the elasticity of the suit and makes it lose its shape and become saggy. Also, keep in mind that drying swimsuits in the sun causes discoloration. Swimsuits are generally made out of thin material and dry quickly.

Pay Attention to the Fabric
Checking the tag and what an item of clothing is made out of is not only a tip for washing swimsuits, but any expensive garment. Most women’s swimsuits are made of lycra and spandex. Men’s swimsuits sometimes are as well but at a smaller amount. This makes a difference in the cleaning process. The more spandex or lycra a suit is made of, the gentler it needs to be washed and dried. This prevents the suit from fading, stretching and losing its elasticity.

Knowing the proper steps and tips for washing swimsuits ensures they last for more than one season. For more helpful laundry tips and tricks, check out Zoom Express Laundry!