How to Choose a Great Laundromat

No one enjoys doing laundry, but everyone likes the feeling of clean clothes and fresh linens. Since it is a necessity of daily life, why not make the experience better? There are many factors you might consider when deciding how to choose a laundromat in your area. Use the following guide for help finding the best when you search, “laundromat near me.”

What to Look for in a Laundromat

It’s common for people to choose a laundromat based solely on its location. However, even if you have to go a little out of your way, it’s well worth the time and effort to choose one that fits your needs. For example, you’ll want one that offers the à la carte laundromat services you want and the amenities you prefer.

Does the laundromat offer full service?

Although you might want to do your laundry yourself most of the time, there may be times when you’re too rushed to sit and wait for the machines to finish. It’s best to select a facility that offers wash, dry, and fold services, allowing you to drop off your laundry and pick it up later.

If you’re particularly busy, you could choose a laundromat that also offers pick-up and drop-off services. How great would it be to have your dirty laundry picked up from your home and dropped off at your door as soon as the next day? What if you also need dry cleaning? Save yourself an added hassle and find a facility that offers it as well!

What amenities does the laundromat offer?

Traditional laundromats typically only offer a few uncomfortable chairs for their customers. You deserve better. Choose one that offers better amenities, like free Wi-Fi, complimentary charging stations, and widescreen TVs. Forget your detergent? Upscale laundromats offer you a choice of popular and specialty brands in a variety of sizes.

What are the types of payment methods accepted?

Times are changing, and you shouldn’t have to be stuck at a laundromat that only accepts loose change for payment. Instead, why not enjoy an updated facility with machines that accept virtual payments via an app? Most modern laundromats do offer bill exchangers, so your days of being stuck without enough coins are but a memory. Many new machines also accept payments at the machine with a debit or credit card

What kinds of machines are in use?

Commercial washing machines get a lot of use, so it’s wise to choose a facility that has invested in current, durable equipment that can cut the washing and drying cycles in half. After all, no matter how great the amenities at the facility are, you probably don’t want to wait any longer than you have to. If environmental concerns are important to you, choose a laundromat that has invested in water-saving, energy-efficient machines.

Is the laundromat clean?

A dirty laundromat just doesn’t make any sense! Cleanliness is important not only for the sake of maintaining your newly clean clothes as you fold them, but for health reasons as well. The last thing you want to worry about is whether it’s safe to use the folding tables or how many unclean hands have been all over your washing station. A great laundry facility cares about its customers enough to routinely sanitize all surfaces and maintain a healthy, happy environment for all.

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