How to Wash Workout Clothes

Sweating is just a part of a great workout. The addition of workout clothes makes laundry day a bit smellier. Learn how to wash workout clothes to get them fresh and clean for your next trip to the gym.

Wash Sooner than Later
Don’t wait to wash your workout clothes. The longer they sit in your gym bag or the corner of the room the harder it will be to get them clean again. Not to mention that bacteria thrive in moist places. With this in mind, it’s best to get clothes clean and dry as quickly as possible.

Best Detergents for Workout Clothes
Fragrance-free detergents are the best to use for workout clothes. You can also try sport-specific detergents to help fight odor and bacteria. Heavily-perfumed detergents can irritate the skin in areas that sweat a lot. In this case, less is more. Additionally, using too much detergent can cause mildew and add to the odor. Definitely skip the fabric softener. It can trap the bad smells and damage the material of your clothes. 

Choose the Right Wash Cycle
Knowing which wash cycle to use is one of the most important steps when figuring out how to wash workout clothes. The best wash cycle depends on the durability of the items. A more aggressive cycle is best for getting rid of odor and stains. However, it can cause damage to the clothes and a need to replace them more often. Always remember to check the label of each individual item for specific washing instructions. In general, clothes made with polyester hold on to odors so they require a strong wash cycle. 

When to Skip the Dryer
Gym clothes that are delicate or that stretch or shrink easily shouldn’t go in the dryer. Common workout items that should be hung up to dry include sports bras, leggings and items made with spandex. If you do have to dry your clothes, do it on low heat to avoid damaging the materials. 

After a workout, you want to be rid of all traces of sweat. Follow these tips to learn how to wash workout clothes to get them clean and preserve their use. Don’t have the time to get it done? Drop them off at Zoom Express Laundry and we’ll take care of it for you. Find a location near you!