Commercial Laundry Trends

Every industry needs to progress, stay current and meet the demands of the market. With this in mind, innovative technology and processes help the laundry industry evolve. Here are a few current commercial laundry trends revolutionizing how people do laundry and how launderers do business.

Smart Technology
A lot goes into the daily operations of professional laundry service. However, smart technology simplifies many of the processes. Integrating smart technology with laundry machines provides benefits like collecting feedback after washing clothes and adjusting the cleaning criteria, providing a better laundry experience. Additionally, smart technology provides organization and tracking methods. With technology, businesses measure resources, chemicals and electricity usage. Furthermore, these analytics provide detailed reports and analyses, preventing waste and inefficiencies.

Saving Resources
The commercial laundry industry is searching for ways to reduce the resources needed for each load of laundry. Therefore, special attention is given to resources that are harmful to both clothes and the environment such as some chemicals found in detergents. Another example of commercial laundry trends is using Xorbs for reducing the temperature and amount of water and detergent needed. 

Green Practices
Taking advantage of eco-friendly products and services is another commercial laundry trend. Laundry requires two major depleting resources: water and energy. Therefore, one of the commercial laundry trends is creating and using machines and products that use less energy and water. As a result, eco-friendly products use natural ingredients that require less water and less time.

Improving Customer Experiences
Increasing the level of service provided to customers should always be a priority. Zoom Express Laundry is dedicated to providing convenient services. We offer pick-up and delivery service, extended hours and a clean, bright, comfortable and safe environment for getting your laundry done. 

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