How to choose the Best Laundry Detergent in 2019

Many people are loyal to their laundry detergent. Some use whatever they grew up with and others just buy whatever’s on sale. However, there are a lot of laundry detergents on the market. You need one that fits your budget and gives you the best clean. Here are some tips on choosing the best laundry detergent for your cleaning needs.

Choosing the Form
Laundry detergents come in different forms from liquid to powdered or single-dosed. They’re all effective for cleaning clothes. However, some forms work better than others in certain areas. 

Liquid Detergents
Liquid detergents are best for greasy, oily stains. They can also be used to pre-treat stains before washing. However, the most common problem liquid detergent users face is overdosing or using too much detergent per load. This leads to running out of product quicker and can leave a residue on clothes. 

Powdered Detergents
Powdered detergents are another option. They’re usually less expensive and you don’t have to use as much per load. Additionally, they’re effective mud and dirt removers. Powdered detergent users run into problems when using extremely cold water to wash with because the detergent might not dissolve all the way. If you experience this problem, mix the detergent with a quart of hot water before doing your load of laundry. Make sure to add the detergent to the washer before the water and clothes. 

Single-dose Packs
Single-dose packs are the most simple and convenient to use if you use a community laundry room or wash your clothes in a laundromat. However, they are the most expensive to use per load and might require two packs for extra dirty clothes or large loads. Single-dose packs are poisonous if ingested and can be dangerous in households with small children or pets. Make sure to always use laundry detergent pods correctly. 

Laundry Detergent Price and Quality
Price doesn’t necessarily determine quality. Furthermore, it’s more important to look at ingredients. The more active ingredients  and enzymes, the better it is. Active ingredients like surfactants lift dirt away from fabric while enzymes remove stains. For this reason, these ingredients raise the price of the product. 

Ultimately, only you can determine the best laundry detergent for you and your family. The most effective clean comes from using the right water temperature, pre-treating stains and not overfilling the washer. Additionally, always make sure to read the laundry symbols on your clothes. If you just can’t decide on the best laundry detergent, don’t panic. Find a Zoom Express Laundry near you and we’ll take care of your laundry needs!