How to Prevent Colors From Fading

The water, agitation, laundry detergent and dryer all contribute to clothes losing their bright color. It’s time to learn how to wash your clothes and prevent colors from fading. 

Wash Dark Clothes Together
Have you ever washed a bright colored garment with an entire load of whites? Sort your clothes before washing them. This gives you time to read the laundry care symbols and put the clothes in the correct pile. To prevent colors from fading, wash similar-toned clothes together.

Turn Clothes Inside Out
Some of the damage to your clothes is preventable if you turn your clothes inside out before washing and drying them. Turning clothes inside out stops them from pilling which makes the fabric look dull. Furthermore, it’s always important to turn your clothes inside out if you hang them outside to dry. The sun is an efficient drying agent, but it can reduce the color of your clothes.

Read the Laundry Care Symbols
Reading the laundry care symbols before washing prevents a lot of laundry disasters. Check carefully for instructions such as wash only in warm water or with similar colors. Additionally, check for drying instructions. The clothing label might suggest drying on a low temperature or drip drying.

Don’t Overdry Your Clothes
Overdrying clothes is bad for all laundry. However, it’s particularly rough on bright and dark colors. Always remember to set a timer and don’t forget to take your clothes out when they’re finished drying. 

Try Vinegar
While it doesn’t smell the best, adding a cup of vinegar is a great way to naturally soften your clothes and prevent colors from fading. Furthermore, the vinegar smell goes away after a thorough wash.

Use a Gentle Wash Cycle and Detergent
Do you want to make your colors last as long as possible? The best way to do this is by washing using the machine’s gentlest cycle. You can also hand wash your more special clothing items. Additionally, there are several laundry detergents on the market specially formulated to prevent colors from fading.

All these tips are helpful to not only prevent colors from fading but also help them look better and last longer. At Zoom Express Laundry, we’re the experts on laundry care. Find a laundromat near you and get your clothes done in a clean, bright, safe and comfortable environment.